Meet the only Six women among the 100 richest persons in the world

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Of the world's wealthiest 100 tech enterpreneurs, only six women, all self-made, have managed to shatter the $2.6 billion glass ceiling and place on the 2017 Forbes list of the 100 Richest in Tech.

Of the six unique women in the world, three are from China, Two Americans and One European. These great women earned $27.6 billion with an average worth of $4.6 billion. The great women who stood out of looking into someone's hand are listed below.

  • The three Chinese Richest Women

    Wang Laichun

    Laichun is a new comer, fresh self-made billion, She is the Chairman of electronics manufacturer Luxshare Precision Industry. Her compaby supplies electronic connectors for Apple. Luxshare's products include headphone jack adatpers for the newest iPhones. Luxshare has earned an estimated $2.6 billion to place sixth most richest woman on the planet.

    She is the President of Luxshare with his brother serving as vice President.

  • Lam Wai Ying

    She is a second time comer, she joined the cabinet of the most successful women in the world last year. She is $5.2 billion worth of furtune she made from producing differnt electronic components: touch screens. She employs at least 120,000 workers in the mainland.

    Wai Ying was basically producing watch crystals until her husband, Yeung Kin-man, who jointly owned Biel Crystal with Wai Ying discovered that his cell phone screen scratched too easily. That was when they began making glass screens for mobile phones.

    Biel Crystal supplies Apple, Samsung and Sony with screens. Lam Wai Ying owns 49% of Biel Crystal while her husbaand owns the rest. She is the fifth richest woman on earth.

  • Zhou Qunfei

    Impressingly, Qunfei is consistently the richest woman in the history of Forbes list. She is currently living on the net worth of $10 billion. Qunfei was born in a rural village in the Hunan Province of central China. She is into glass-making and Lens Technology, multi-billion dollar electronics empire.

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  • The only European woman: Richest woman in Europe

    Denise Coates

    Coates is the only European woman making the list and she is surprisingly joining the list with successes made from her online gambling, the domain she purchased in 2000 after noticing the success of the business. Coates discovered the success hiden in betting when she was working in her father's betting shop where she served as accountant.

    Coates also holds major stake in the Stoke City, the oldest professional Football Club in Premier League. Coates now worth $3.6 billion.

  • The two American richest women

    Judy Faulkner

    Faulkner is an healthcare software provider. She is a Computer Programmer by training, she founded her company, Epic in 1979. She make $3.4 billion from the software creating medical records software that supports over half the American population. She has pledge since 2015 to donate 99% of her wealth to philantrophy in her lifetime.

    She is the richest American woman.

  • Meg Whitman

    Whitman is best known for her 10 year reign as CEO at eBay, she is $2.8 billion worth. She was rumored to be the next CEO of Uber though she had denied saying "Uber's CEO will not be Meg Whitman."

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