Aso Rock Media Nigerian former minister tweets fire as Man United lift EUROPA TROPHY. What a comic ! ( Edit Profile )

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Yesterday, wednessday 24th May, 2017 Manchester United Football Club resharpen the axe of the Red Devil with which they usually cross foes to make victory their hubby. Destroying Ajax football club at the Friends Arena, Sweden's National Football Stadium with fantastic goal at each half of the game. First goal from Paul Pogba call the victorious United back on stage for Coach Jose was already in a bad mood before the goal deflected through all stoppers into the rival's net.

Celebrating the victory, Nigerian former minister Oby Ezekwesili tweeted "every winner loves a winner. She later, in response to a tweet on her mention, tweeted "how you dey call 'recognized door' back door ? Door wet God open no Uche fit lock am. Be warned

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