Aso Rock Media Gov Aregbesola belittles Arsene Wengers. Must read for all football lovers ( Edit Profile )

Governor Rauf Aregbesola has taken his time to contribute to the performance of Arsenal Football Club's Official Coach, Arsene Wenger. The governor seems not seing anything worth emulating in the france man coaching criteria. Governor Aregbesola who is a lover of sporting activies, mostly road work seems furious at the Arsenal FC Coach probably for his woefull performances through his decades of stay in the club.

Being the only Nigerian governor that has taken his people on road-trek (Walk to live) for the longest Kilometer in Nigeria history, his remark on chief coach of such a giant football club could not easily bbe under-rated. His remark on Arsene Wenger popularly called Baba Ijebu seems expressing disappointment in Mr Wenger's coaching strategies.

Governor Rauf Aregbesol of Osun State took to his twitter handle to express his felling for both Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger saying:

"Only befitting that Wenger was the one to end Mouriho's unbeaten draws. Scenes

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