Discussion: Giving an account of criminal activity, in whom would you confide, Police or an Eyewitness?

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There are many criminal activities occurring day by day in Nigeria today. And if any of such activity should be exposed, it would be a lucky citizen who will either approach the Police or attract co-citizens whose crowds would later invite Police interest or rather intervention into the subject of an audience.

Criminal activities ranging from kidnapping, human trafficking, drug, raping, ritualism and other atrocities are on the increase in the country now. Reports of the incidents are always bifacial these days as Police would give its accounts which are mostly out of agreement with the eyewitness account. These often cause confusion to the third person who would be interested in deciding on the case.

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There are too numerous examples to be sampled but one of the most recent are Soka Ritual den in Ibadan despite every sort of atrocities, human parts, and the likes found there, Police established it to be a local psychiatric hospital. If you say no, who have you heard been prosecuted related to the Soka Saga? Also, recently in Lagos, there were two versions of whether it was a kidnapping den or shelter for the Lagosian houseless-residents when an alleged den was discovered. The citizen said it was a kidnapping tunnel while the police said it was a shelter for the Lagosian houseless-residents.

When issues like these and other related sensitive cases occur, who do you want the citizens to confide with, Police or an Eyewitness?

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