And if Osun State Govt. could sell a ram to her citizens at this price...

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Ahead of the upcoming Muslim celebration of 2017 Eid-Kabir on Friday, the Government of Osun State under the governorship of Abdul-Rauf Aregbesola has announced the commencement of selling Rams to her citizens. An average ram being sold by the government ranges between N45,000 and N80,000.

Osun State government have purchased about 648 rams which were meant to be sold to her citizens. The Rams have been fattened, bred and vaccinated in the post two months.

According to Mr. Sola Omidiran, the Managing Director of Selema Oloba Ranch in Iwo, Osun State where the rams were fattened the Rams would be sold in categories of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with prices between N45,000 and N80,000.

"We have those within the Bronze category that weigh between 25kg and 30kg. Each of them goes for about N45,000.

"Those that fall withinthe Silver category weigh between 31kg and 36kg. Each of them will be sold for N60,000.

Those in the Gold category weigh between 37kg and 43kg and they will be going for N70,000. each

Those that are in the Platinum category weigh between 44kg and 50kg and each of them will sell for N80,000," Omidiran stated.

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Our question is "With the daily claim by the Federal Government that inflations in the country are decreasing drastically and a state government after much paddings and subsidy on such is selling a 25kg ram at N45,000. Are we really doing anything feasible to combat the recession?

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