MayWeateher Vs. McGregor: How the richest fight was decided

MayWeateher Vs. McGregor: How the richest fight was decided

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Floyd Mayweather has made a half century unbeaten debut overpowering his opponent, Conor McGregor in the 10th round of one of the richest and most expensive bouts in the history of boxing. He is now unbeaten for the consecutive 50 fights. About 14,623 people filled the 20,000-seat arena watching the high-ticket match.

McGregor had early rushed Mayweather with a crisp uppercut in round one and, he almost broke the rule of the match as he severally rained punches at the back of Mayweather. However, Mayweather might have used a well-calculated game plan to victory which capitalized on McGregor's lack of strategizing utilization of his effort.

While McGregor wasted efforts punching Mayweather like the game is over, the latter was busy consuming the punches alongside the ability of McGregor. Mayweather started releasing his arsenal of punches when he discovered that Mcgregor is weak.

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On round nine of one of the most popular boxing match in the world, Mayweather kicked started his ferocity, hitting hard on the opponent with well-targeted punches. He firstly dismantled the connectivities of McGregor's leg system with heavily targeted shots of punches. He was so strategic that round nine was a gate to his winning stage.

On the 10th round, McGregor was very weak, close to the ropes with body movements, languages and words of tiredness. Though he was not bent to bowled to the targeted bombs of punches from Mayweather but with Mayweather throwing rapidly, his target was left too helpless.

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The stoppage by Referee Robert Byrd was somewhat too early by some but the fact is that McGregor was weak and would be overrun should the match continue.

The American boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather who came out of retirement went home with a potential $300million (about N108billion or 230million pound) pay day. However, the performance of McGregor, 29, should be encouraged while Mayweather remains the best and it is constant into his retirement.

After the match, the winner Floyd Mayweather, 40, said "He was a lot better than I thought. But I was the better man. I guaranteed everybody this would not go the distance. Boxing's reputation was on the line.

In his remark, McGregor, an Irish man revealed "I thought it was close and I thought it was a bit of an early stoppage. I was just a little fatigued.

With Mayweather's victory, he has now surpassed Rocky Marciano's perfect 49-fight record and this fight may yet be the richest fight more than the reported $620million earned by Mayweather in 2015 when he fought against Manny Pacquiao.

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