Armed Robbers hijacked NNPC mega-station give free fuel to motorists

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The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, me station situated along Katsina/Jibia road was yesterday hijacked by Armed Robbers who stormed the location and later cart away all the sales make for the day.

An eyewitness account revealed that the incident occurred around 8 pm yesterday. It was reported that all motorists who had branched the station to purchase fuel were given free fuel by the Armed Robbers who had dressed in a security uniform. However, the witness could not be identified the type of the security uniform they put on, the number of the armed robbers though it was revealed the operation lasted for just a few minutes.

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The witnessed disclosed that the Armed Robbers after dispossessing the fueling station attendants all the daily sales they took over the nozzles dispensing free fuel to the fearful motorists without harming them.

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