Senator Melaye belittles Gov. Bello for pro-Buhari's activity

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Senator representing Kogi West in the National House of Assembly, Senator Dino Melaye has attacked Governor Yaha Bello of Kogi State for declaring Monday, a public holiday in the state.

Governor Bello had on Sunday declared today, Monday, as a public holiday in the state to celebrate safety arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari to the country. President Muhammadu Buhari had traveled to London, the United Kingdom to seek medical attention for an undisclosed illness.

Faulting the declaration of Monday as work free day in Kogi State, Senator Melaye insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari would not be happy with the action of Governor Bello, saying no matter what the Governor does, he will definitely end in prison. He, however, urged the Governor to rather pay public servants their monthly salaries instead of giving them work-free days.

"President Buhari must be disgusted with the juvenile and boot licking attitude of the butterhead and governor of Kogi State. Katsina State, the home state of our beloved President has not declared a public holiday, why then is Yahaya Bello taking panadol for another man's headache?

"We love our President in Kogi State no doubt. But, to take hypocrisy to a legendary level is worrisome. Further confirmation of Bello's gross incompetence and outrageous incapacitation.

"Declaring public holiday will not stop you from going to prison.

"Pay civil servants and Pensioners to reduce your prison term.

"God bless Kogi State.

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