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Cookies are a very important web resource with a common capability of storing web data for a specific length of time. It can be used to store user information either through a web browsing session or specified time which may be seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or even years.

Cookies store user information on the user's browser and make the information available to the website's request at any time. Consider the situation of 'Keep me login', 'Last seen' or you want a web user to remember what activity was last performed on the website.

The beauty of cookies is that it does not affect the browsing speed, website bandwidth, and makes browsing through a website more majestic. Cookies are like a database or memory card slot installed on every web browser so there is no doubt if a web browser would have it or not. However, some users might mistakenly or deliberately disable saving cookies from a particular web browser.

You can easily make a cookie called to save a user information, specify how long the web browser should hold the information before it disposes of the information and define a key to point to the user information. You can use the key to query the web browser on the client's side anytime the stored information is needed.

The code below would save a cookie and assign a value to it;

Response.Cookies["username"].Value = UsernameTextBox.Text;

Response.Cookies["sterm"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);

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The above line of code would make a response call to the browser telling it to create a cookie named 'username' and assign the value of the UsernameTextBox to the created cookie. It saves the date this cookie was created and the date it would be expired. The above code set the expiration date to 24 hours meaning the web browser will automatically delete the cookie named 'username' for a website with URL http://www.asorockmedia.com.ng.

Web browser saves collection of cookies of a particular website under its url.

In the case you would want to read the content of this cookie, it is another very simple task which can be accomplished by this line of code;

string username= Request.Cookies["username"].Value ;

The above line of code reads the value of a cookie named 'username' and assigned its value to the string variable 'username'.

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