Tested and Trusted Tips to make your phone battery last longer

Tested and Trusted Tips to make your phone battery last longer

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There is basically nothing in this world that does not have an expiry date. Even, men, women have their destined expiry date. What else would be the creature of men that would last for eternity? And so is our smartphone batteries.

But, one thing is that each battery came with its expiry dates another is to use the battery with safe so it could reach the expiry date before it accesses its expiry date via careless shortcut.

According to the Jumia Travel, there is about seven working battery charging practices that could help elongates the lifespan of your battery.

Do not charge with fast charger

There are many setbacks attributed to charging your smartphones with fast chargers. Apart from the fact that it sends higher voltage to your smartphones, it makes the temperature of your phone to rise to the extent that it could explode and cause another casualty.

It is not a safety act, charging your smartphone with fast chargers.

Type of charger

It is very important to know the manufacturer of the charger you will use to charge your smartphone. It would be recommended that you use charger manufactured by your smartphone manufacturer.

Another important charging practice is to use charger manufactured for your smartphone model.

Protective Casing Position

It is technologically a bad habit to put on your smartphone's protective casing while charging the phone. The consequence is simple. The protective casing serves as an insulator preventing discharges released from your smartphone battery from being escaped. This heat up your smartphone, the temperature rises which damage your smartphone battery. This could as well cause severe damage to the Integrated Circuits of your mobile phone and hence cause automatic discharging of your battery while being charged. It also causes the battery to drain quicker than usual.

So, it is recommended you remove your smartphone;s protective casing before charging your smartphone battery.

Economic feedback

Maybe because of the economic meltdown and rise in the prices of common commodities, some smartphone users would prefer going for any cheaper price than going for a recommended charger. It is recommended you charge your smartphone with recommended charger as specified by the manufacturer.

The severity of using cheap battery chargers is that it causes your phone battery to drain quickly; supply weak charges to the battery which may lead to adapter failure and hence, cause damage on both your smartphone and the battery.

Charging duration

The average time requires to charge a smartphone with its recommended charger is something around 2 to 3 hours. Now, consider this within yourself, Is is ideal to charge through the Night? The answer is simply No! Because you would be deeply asleep which would see the phone being overcharged for several hours. Overcharging is severe to the extent that it causes a rise in your smart phone temperature and overall defects associated with high phone temperature.

So, do not charge your smartphone battery overnight.

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Maximum Charging Percentage

A common slang in charging a phone battery is "Is it full? What is the full percentage? Generally, it is 100% but "Is it ideal to charge up to 100%? No!

The safe charging percentage to stop your phone battery charging process is 80%. Anything above this will only start overheating your phone with side effects.

When to charge the battery?

The best idea is to charge your smartphone battery any time it is 20% per cent or lower. If charged at this point, the phone would have moderated its temperature, manage all running apps and release some of the phone resources that are considered power-intensive. So, temperature rise by charging process would be minimal and hence put your smartphone battery in a safe condition.

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By applying all of the specified tips above you would see gradual improvement in your smartphone behavior and the battery lifespan.

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