These four practices kill your smartphone battery faster than anything else.

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As a cell is important to the existence of living thing so is the relevance of cell battery to not only the smartphones but to all mobile phones in general. However, different smartphone users are with different behavior which often affects the functionality and lifespan of the smartphones. There are some habits that quickly kill the battery of any smartphone than you may think. The practices are usually unnoticed but their effects are recognizable.

The habits are examined one after the other

Opening many apps

The joy of the modern computing lies in parallel computing technology where more than one operations could be simultaneously processed at the same time by sharing the computing device's resources. In the old days, if you want to make a call while browsing you would be forced to close your mobile phone browser before launching another event. Thanks to God for letting us know more than we ever knew in as much as computational technology is concerned.

With smartphones, one can launch as much as preferred applications and decides which to gain focus at any time while other runs in the background. Kudos to the Simbia phones manufacturer that introduced multitasking in phone technology.

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However, it should be known that with the power of auto-synchronization, apps that run in the background often consume more power than you would ever believe. Hence, to conserve your battery lifespan, make sure that a number of applications are running simultaneously.


One of the most secretive mobile phone resources that consume battery charges is 3G/4G network resource. 3G/4G is a network resource that often updates itself every micro second with each refreshment process consuming high voltage of your battery charges.

Though 3G/4G is a useful resource as it provides a fast and robust browsing speed it should be used with caution. Do not on your 3G/4G network signal while charging your smartphone battery as it would raise the temperature of your smartphone above normal causing overheating and may not only damage the battery but the phone as well.

Draining battery up oftenly

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Are you one of the types that allow smartphone battery to be down to zero before charging the battery? It is a bad habit as it may affect the memory of your smartphone battery. May someone says "memory? Yes, memory! Look, for instance, it is no doubt that every battery has its expiry date. Now, where do the battery store the cyclic data that would update its status at any point in time? Draining your cell phone battery to zero every day may even train your smartphone battery believe that it has reached its expiry date. Hence, it would fail to come up anytime you power if on or evenly fail to hold charges when charging it.

Charging on laptop

Charging on a laptop would seem like it has no effect but it actually has a bit kind of side effect. Anyway, at the beginning, it starts training your mobile phone battery to be charging at a slower rate than usual. And it should be understood that the modern technology is being built on the knowledge of learning machine. Once your smartphone battery adapts itself to the slower charging rate, it becomes a new behavior of the battery.

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