About Aso Rock Media.

...Discussing the State of the Nation

Aso Rock Media is an all inclusive public Assembly, providing platform for the general populace to express their personal, communal or associative opinion concerning any published subject matter. Aso Rock Media collects facts from wide range and gather revelations relating Subject matter so as to shed the most possible light on any issue that warrants public Opinion. Aso Rock Media gives the Government Official; Executives, Legislative, Judiciary and Para s tataan opportunity to access public decision on any published subject matter.

Information gathered as diversified opinions on Aso Rock Media is considered hint to the government at all levels, para s tata and concerned authorities, which we believed are meant to ameliorate the concern system toward achieving the primary aim and objectives of establishment.

Aso Rock Media is not and will never submit to or be used by any political party or partician politician to cause any chaos in the society. However, relevant Subject(s) for discussions is/are welcome from every Nigerian including the Politicians, Electorates and Electoral Officers, Industries, Business Tycoons, Academics, Recognized Society, Community and everyone whose subject matter is considered positive for the national growth and development.

With profound gratitude, we welcome you and appreciate your decision to contribute to the growth an development of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, we do not exitate to block any user whose contribution is considered inflammatory and/or restive as we do not give room for Nepotism, Tribalism, Ethnicity, Religious Bigotry and/or Meritocracy

Had it been that any published subject matter seem suspicious to have emanated from a dubious source or might cause public unrest. Kindly, notify the Adminstrative of Aso Rock Media

We recommend Government Para s tata and sectors concerned relating any subject matter to take public opinions submittted here into adamant consideration